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AI for Health Care & Life Sciences

Relieve pressure on health care systems, improve medical decision making and get innovative therapies to patients faster.


Business Challenge

The digitization of health care data and the expectation among increasingly engaged patients for personalized and virtual care are introducing unprecedented opportunities to disrupt the way health care and therapies are delivered. Health care systems are overwhelmed by the flood of new, rich data sources – such as social determinants, genetic and imaging data, data from medical devices and wearables, and social media data. Meanwhile, life sciences companies face increasing pressure from the market and regulatory agencies to incorporate real world data throughout the pharmaceutical life cycle, from clinical trials through the commercialization of drug products.
Health and life sciences organizations must adapt the way they use and share data to relieve pressure on health care systems, improve medical decision making and get innovative therapies to patients faster.

How AI Can Help

AI capabilities – such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and forecasting and optimization – can unleash the full potential of data to solve some of our greatest health challenges and dramatically change the way health care and therapies are delivered. This necessary evolution will enable health care and life sciences organizations to:

  • Improve health care outcomes - Empower physicians with more accurate diagnostics and targeted prevention capabilities.
  • Ensure drug safety - Enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to quickly determine the quality, efficacy and safety of new product candidates.
  • Get new therapies to market faster – Accelerate clinical trials using real-world data sources.
  • Control costs - Improve the operational performance of hospitals by optimizing staffing resources and taking action to reduce the number of hospital readmissions.

Why SAS?

As the leader in advanced analytics, SAS understands that a carefully designed and well-implemented analytics strategy can help you more efficiently and effectively accomplish your goals. That's why we've embedded AI capabilities into our software – from the powerful SAS® Platform to targeted solutions for government organizations. With an emphasis on greater interpretability and transparency, our AI capabilities enable you to better understand why the algorithms’ outputs are what they are – while automatically identifying, better managing and protecting personal information.
A government agency was the first SAS customer more than 40 years ago. Today, more than 650 government ministries, departments, offices and agencies around the world use SAS. Our leadership in advanced analytics, expertise in AI and experience with government can give you The Power to Know®.


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