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At Cilix

We offer the convenience of multiple services all in one place. Where our customers can get from an internet access to complex integration architectures and cloud computing systems.


To be the reference company of excellence in the products of Technologies that prides itself in acting in an integral manner.

Doing better and different, and having the audacity to overcome the complexities of challenges with social responsibility.


Our purpose is to contribute decisively to the success of our clients, with a focus on sustainable, competitive and innovative leadership.

To play a significant role in the growth of the countries in which we operate and of the society that benefits directly or indirectly from the projects supported by us, always aiming at the common welfare.

Being the Technology Company of the choice of our clients and the Employer of the choice of the best professionals is a Goal that we follow in a stubborn and permanent way.

Our commitment to customer success is genuine and non-negotiable and quality is our essence and our pride.

Satisfy customers by ensuring adequate levels of cost, quality and timing, and building long-term partnerships.


People Make a Difference - They are the strength and vitality of our Organization.

Our actions and relationships are based on the highest standards of Ethics valued in Humility, Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Transparency and Respect.

We value the individualities: we know how to deal with the advi- sions of each client and employees, we recognize the differentiated performances, capable of working as a team.

Focus on results, integrity with society, economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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It is the basis of our strategy, this value is cultivated every day in our company by stimulating the continuous technical knowledge and the close management to our professionals by the search of the practice in knowing how to do with responsibility and agility. Cilix is recognized for its excellent understanding of the objectives of our clients, the execution of their projects and their continuous and intense search for excellence, coupled with a set of policies, processes, practices and project management procedures based on the foundations of PMI ( Project Management Institute).


Rua dos Desportistas, N. 691, JAT 6.1, 14th Floor
Maputo - Mozambique 

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Phone: (+258) 21 35 90 00

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