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Resilience is a top priority in organizations. The current business environment requires companies to be ready and able to adapt and respond quickly to events that may jeopardize the continuity of their operations. To meet market expectations, companies - including their infrastructure, data and people - must be highly available, resilient, and secure. Developing a robust business resilience strategy becomes a critical factor because of the costs involved, and we know that by doubling CAPEX costs on equipment, software, and design, it has made it unfeasible for many organizations and is thus exposed to all kinds of risk.
Cilix offers the best way to solve this business problem through the Cloud replication solution that will revolutionize the way customers protect and recover their mission-critical applications. With our expertise and acting enable us to deliver turn-key end-to-end solutions that include: from evaluation, planning, execution and effective management of a resiliency program to site backup implementation. Our solution is based on VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, which offers advanced replication capabilities, disaster recovery management, test plan simulation, failover and automated failback, and planned migration. With these technological capabilities we can manage failover of production datacenters to disaster recovery locations, as well as failover between two sites with active workloads, and multiple sites can even recover in a single shared recovery location.

• RPO flexible;
• Replicate only the latest data in changed disk areas to increase network efficiency;
• Simplifies replication management;
• Simplifies replication management;
• Eliminate the need to have identical storage systems on websites;
• Use of low-end storage support, including DAS;
• Coordinate synchronization and data replication operations with DR failovers and planned migrations;
• Automate the execution of recovery tests;
• Monitoring local availability that changes users from possible site failures;
• Automated failure back to the original production site when the site did not undergo an extensive change;
• Use planned migration to ensure complete replication of virtual machines, in a consistent application state, before performing the recovery;
• Ensures complete control of on-site failover recovery processes;
• IP addresses of retrieved virtual machines can be customized in a few seconds - much faster than with more Sysprep implementation.

• Manage risks through a resilience strategy;
• Reduce costs through proactive incident response and reduced downtime;
• Resilient service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
• Respond with agility while minimizing risk exposure.




Provides seamless replication between the on-premise SAN environment for an identical SAN environment in the Cilix Datacenter.


Reduced financial risk that makes it impossible for customers, suppliers and employees to reach them during a system failure. Cilix ensures the secure availability of your mission-critical applications by replicating your application environment to our data center.


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