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Modular, flexible, redundant power and cooling

CILIX’ experience in delivering best-in-class datacenter. We can deliver of flexible design and operation of highly resilient and efficient datacenter.

Our in-house team of experts focuses on operational excellence, and builds all power and cooling infrastructure to an N+1 minimum redundancy. CILIX DC’ efficient designs are aligned to best practice and validated by third parties. We work with leading vendors to ensure we are always ahead of the curve. By using modular components, we can ensure you only need to pay for what you require today, but can future proof for your requirements. 

Innovative design also means we can couple your high and low density requirements side by side, and adopt flexible SLAs that match your power and cooling requirements.
Standardized designs mean you can select from a range of UPS requirements and cooling solutions across our datacenter. We can adapt our designs – regardless of whether you are a small business colocation customer or large, to offer greater control over your mission-critical assets.

N+1 minimum and 2N options for electrical and cooling designs across CILIX DC’ local portfolio ensure your environment is always online. Each row of racks has redundant bus bars providing an independent path back to the power source.

CILIX DC’ works with a standardized modular approach for cooling and UPS designs that adds scalability and flexibility to datacenter designs. Our designs are based on 0.5MW of IT sitting on centralised generation with distributed, redundant UPSs.

Operational excellence
CILIX DC’ internal teams have the knowledge and ability to provide reliant and innovative solutions for all power and cooling requirements.

Energy Efficiency 

Guaranteed low PUE and power monitoring using DCIM

Adiabatic Cooling 

DX cooling available in standard designs

Hot & Cold Aisle Containment 

Ensures your rack operates at a safe temperature

Increased Rack Count, Higher Densities 

Better W/m2 design, 10kW to the rack


Our contract-level cloud services to run their business was designed, and is prepared to meet the stocks of your Company in availability (Up time), guaranteed latency and response time acceptable for their applications.


Connectivity is critical to any IT environment. So the Cilix concentrates its activities in the datacenter connected with the best quality bandwidth. We have redundant connections to the main market players. Thus, using the BGP-4 routing protocol traffic in the failure of an operator does not affect our availability. CISCO Routers and CISCO level distribution 10Gb / s ensure the total absence of network bottlenecks.


We opted for hardware solutions High quality leading brands that are recognized worldwide for its reliability and performance. The Cilix an internal team that ensures Troubleshooting 24 × 7.


Firewall and JUNIPER in HA that identify and block any intrusion attempt to the system of systems IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). Strict policies of physical and logical access, and backup guarantee the security of your data.


24 x 7 x 365 availability, performance and capacity: continuous monitoring systems and server hosted solutions with precise and detailed monitoring of the performance of the leading indicators that impact directly on the availability and performance of systems and services. Staff trained, certified, operating 24 x 7 x 365.

The Challenge

The primary challenge of cloud adoption is that all four core constituents in IT - operations, security, network, and development teamns - mus each internalize the implications of the cloud model.

Features Static Data Center Dynamic Cloud
RunDedicated instances per application
Under utilized machines
Dedicated instances from application
Bin Packed Machines
ConnectLoad balancers
Configuration Management
Service Discovery
Service Segmentation
Immutable Infraestruture & runtime configuratiion
SecureHardcoded secrets
IP as the source of identity
HSMs for encryption
Dynamin secrets
Multiple user & application identity sources
Software encrytion
ProvisionPre-provisioned resources
Hardware and CapEx oriented
Single provider
Resources provisioned on demand
Software and OpEx oriented
Multiple providers
  • 99.99% Network Uptime;
  • 99.99% Server Uptime Target;
  • 30 Minutes - Is the maximum response time to meet and close an incident;
  • 15 mili sec. - It's time to guarantee latency.

Rua dos Desportistas, N. 691, JAT 6.1, 14th floor 
Maputo - Mozambique 

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Phone: (+258) 21 35 90 00

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